Project Manager Services

Daily, Weekly or Monthly

Galley Repairs and Modifications

Tank Cleaning

In port or at sea with a riding gang

Flagging in Modifications and Repairs

All Types of Pipe Repairs

Steel, CuNi, stainless steel, Yocalbro, CPVC, copper, fiberglass

Anchor Repairs

Change out and anchor chain replacement

Structural Steel and Plate Welding to Class Requirements

Anchor and Mooring Winch Repairs

Electrical and hydraulic

Diesel Generator Repairs & Complete Overhauls

Tech Rep Services

Specializing in Sulzer and MAN/B&W


EZ Laser E-420

For the highest standards in Shaft alignment

Communications Satellite Installation & Wiring

Insulation Repairs

Replacement pads and blankets, castable

Exterior/Interior Door Repair and Renewal

Lockset repairs

Interior Decking

Tile, cement, carpet, terrazzo

Engine Room & Purifier Room Cleaning, Bilge Cleaning

Electrical Repairs

Motor rewinding & balancing, slip ring repairs, motor controller repairs, reefer receptacle repairs

Full Service Ship Repairs

In port or at sea with a riding gang

Main Engine Repairs

Slow, Medium or High speed units, complete overhauls, liner change outs, piston pulls, bearing repairs, fuel pump repairs and timing, valve repairs, cam repair, bearing repairs